A Simple, Powerful ESG Solution

Win clients with values-based investing tools that reflect their impact on the world.
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Elevate your client relationships

Custom SMAs

Offer clients a bespoke ESG investing experience with fully-customizable portfolios that align with their values while tracking the market.
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Provide your clients with an accessible ESG investing solution with passive, values-based models.
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Portfolio Diagnosis

Connect with clients on a new level with tangible reports that highlight the impact of their investments.
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The rapid growth of ESG investing

Funds with ESG-mandated assets have more than tripled since 2015. Clients are seeking a socially responsible way to invest.
Source: US SIF Foundation data through 2018; Deloitte Center for Financial Services analysis through 2025.

Why work with OpenInvest?

esg investing report

Tangible impact reporting

No matter which solution you choose, your clients will benefit from proprietary reports that highlight the impact of their investments, like CO2 they’ve kept out of the atmosphere or percentage of women in leadership.

Data-powered solutions

Offer your clients an ESG investing solution backed by real data. Build portfolios based on an extensive list of values-based metrics including LGBTQIA+ rights, racial justice, disability inclusion, and more.
data-powered value screens
tax optimization

New tax efficiencies

Open new frontiers for your clients with tax optimization at the individual security level. Your clients will benefit from automated tax-loss harvesting, household and multi-generational exposures, and estimated tax impact tools.
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