Start a conversation with clients about the impact their portfolio can have

You know your clients best. We help you engage with them on the things they care about most, like the environment, social justice, or their community. Use our impact reporting and portfolio transition tools to help you and your client's visualize the potential in their investments while seeing how their SMAs would have performed in historical backtests.

Show your clients the path to responsible investing

Use our portfolio transition tools to help your clients visualize the ESG profile of their current holdings, how they can increase their impact, and the tax benefits they could take advantage of if they move from a fund to a custom SMA.

Transition your clients to customized financial portfolios, aligning their financial goals with their personal values

Our algorithms build portfolios customized down to the individual equity level. You can help your clients have unprecedented control over their portfolio construction, ESG alignment, and tax efficiency. Choose a benchmark or blend several benchmarks to track and employ tax-loss harvesting at both initial transition and regular intervals thereafter.

Highlight your clients’ impact, both in their portfolio and in the world

Connect your clients and their investments to the world around them and build an emotional connection largely unattainable with traditional investments. OpenInvest’s concrete impact metrics convert investment dollars into tangible numbers like percentage of women in leadership and tons of CO2 kept out of the atmosphere.

Unlock new tax efficiencies

Demonstrate the power of tax optimization at the individual security level. This opens new frontiers for you and your clients through automated loss and gains harvesting, household and multi-generational exposures, and estimated tax impact tools.