Sustainable investing is only the beginning

We’re at the precipice of a massive undertaking – to seamlessly connect people’s values to their money at scale.

What we're building today

Rocket ship

Data-Powered Causes

We’re building a platform to offer an extensive list of values-based metrics like reducing greenhouse gas emissions, LGBTQIA+ rights, racial justice, and more.
Sustainability reporting

Relatable Sustainability Reporting

Our digestible and proprietary reports highlight the relatable ESG metrics of a portfolio, like number of trees planted or CO2 kept out of the atmosphere.

The OpenInvest vision

We were founded with a mission: to build technology that aligns people’s capital with their values and desired outcomes. But investing is just the beginning - we’re on a mission to overlay values across the global economy.
OpenInvest founded with a mission to mainstream values-based investingOpenInvest established as a Public Benefit CorporationOpenInvest acquired by J.P. MorganOpenInvest vision timeline
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