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Bank of the West & OpenInvest

Published on

October 8, 2019

OpenInvest is thrilled to announce our agreement with Bank of the West, one of the nation’s largest banks with more than $80B in assets. Bank of the West's hundreds of financial advisers can now build values-based, customized passive portfolios. OpenInvest’s technology enables Bank of the West’s financial advisers to generate customized investment portfolios while deploying the Bank’s best financial thinking, discipline, and compliance. Bank of the West’s advisers will have the ability to execute robust, real-time customization of private wealth client portfolios through OpenInvest’s proprietary Dynamic Custom Indexing (DCI) technology systems.

For advisers focused on building deep relationships, OpenInvest enables customization for every client, at every asset level, without compromising risk management. For Bank of the West’s tax-sensitive clients, OpenInvest’s trading system offers automated and granular tax-loss harvesting. For the socially-minded investor, OpenInvest reports on the environmental and social impact scores of each investment portfolio in concrete, intuitive terms.

We believe mass customization is the future of wealth management, and we’re excited to empower Bank of the West’s advisers with the tools they need to take their client conversations to a new level. Read more about our collaboration here.

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