Help Promote Refugee Welfare

Across the world, military, climate and domestic crises have forcibly displaced 68.5 million people, primarily in developing countries. The UN High Commissioner of Refugees estimates that 44,000 people are forced to flee their homes every day. While the majority of displaced persons are currently being hosted in developing nations, citizens and corporations in the developed world can still make an impact in their lives. In the private sector, some organizations have prioritized helping refugees. OpenInvest has conducted research identifying 21 public companies in America who have committed to making significant contributions to refugee welfare, including hiring refugees, funding aid operations, and providing in-kind services to people in need.


This cause is based on extensive research from a variety of sources including public commitments from companies, mainstream media, foundation and NGO reporting and public filings, and guidance from the Refugee Council and its member agencies. The list excludes contributions made by foundations that are fully independent from their corporate origins.

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The UN Refugee Agency