Invest in the Ethical Treatment of Animals

According to the US Department of Agriculture, over 55 billion animals were slaughtered in the US in 2018. Animals in factory farms are often kept in miserable conditions while alive, subject to crowding, painful overfeeding, and routine antibiotic use. In the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and consumer goods industries, animals are also commonly subject to product testing, which is rarely legally required and generally means death for every animal test subject. Additionally, many animals are taken from the wild or bred in captivity for entertainment in the tourism industry. These animals are separated from their mothers at an early age and often exposed to harsh training, which causes physical and psychological damage throughout their lives.

Increasing visibility around Animal Welfare can create incentives for companies to adopt more responsible policies. The explosive rise of plant-based proteins has held up a magnifying glass to inhumane practices in the animal farming industry, with consumer sentiment causing companies across all industries to reevaluate the role of animals in their business activities. It is likely that this trend will only grow as investors and consumers continue to incorporate animal wellbeing in their investment and purchasing decisions. This Cause is designed for investors looking to support Animal Welfare with their portfolios.