How do I connect OpenInvest to

‍To connect your OpenInvest account to or other budgeting and financial tracking tools you’ll first need to set up a login to Apex Clearing, the custodian that holds your assets.

Go to:

1. Click Log In, the blue button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

2. When you reach the login screen click Create a User ID

3. Click the Next >> button

4. From the Drop Down Menu, select 10-Apex Clearing Corporation, and then enter your account number in the account space and hit Next >>

5. Enter your SSN and hit Next >>

6. Enter your email address and hit Next >>

7. Select a secret question for recovering your account should you need to, and input the answer, then hit Next >>

8. Set up a User Name and Password, note that your password must have an Uppercase letter, Lowercase letter, a number, and a symbol while also being at least 8 characters long. When you are done please record your login details for your records and click Finish.

9. For Mint Users, visit and log into your account. Then select the +Add Account option from the top menu bar.

‍10. Search for Apex Clearing in the accounts screen and when you find it, enter the login and password that you just set up on to pull your OpenInvest account into