The Post-Fund Future

There is a post-fund paradigm emerging, which will define the next round of winners and losers in financial services.

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Dynamic Custom Indexing

Custom SMAs have long existed as a manual process at the high-end of the market. OpenInvest has fully automated direct indexing end-to-end, with modules designed to empower existing players and systems. Our partners’ advisors can now pull out a tablet in a client meeting, and tailor models on the fly.

White-labeled Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and Model Delivery

Develop innovative, thematic investment strategies and products without the overhead.  Our technology enables you to overlay financial and ESG factors onto existing strategies to expand the product lineup and target new segments.

Robust ESG and Impact Reporting

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are moving from the periphery to the core of finance. As a Public Benefit Corporation, OpenInvest specializes in supporting our partners to seamlessly integrate clients’ social values into existing strategies, including intuitive impact reporting and multi-source ESG data integration.

Unlock New Tax Efficiencies

Demonstrate the power of tax optimization at the individual security level. OpenInvest’s technology offers advisors' clients automated loss and gains harvesting, simulations and analysis, transition planning, and reporting.

Diagnose Holdings and Other Brokerage Exposures

Advisors can automatically analyze current holdings - across models, funds, and brokerages - for opportunities to improve tax and ESG profiles while maintaining current strategies. Help clients visualize the additional value, while fueling tax sensitive transitions.